"Thanks for the waxing vouchers I received in my mailbox, it was nice to see we could also save on beauty treatments too."


"I spent 1 hr doing a private makeup lesson with Rosie, what I have learnt in this time has put all my makeup worries at bay. Rosie kept the makeup lesson to as basic as possible until I feel confident to move on from there. She showed me tips on applying foundation, to even lashes. My new makeup looks amazing and I feel more confident in applying it by myself. You should try it for yourself, I really thought I couldnt do it, Rosie made it easy."


"You dont find beauty salons like yours Rosie in the Hills area, you are one of a kind and make me feel fabulous every visit. Thanks for all your inspiring makeup ideas and tips you share with me everytime I visit you. I can't wait for our next hour session, its better than going to therapy."


"I have been so tried of my makeup look for quiet sometime, using old makeup and applying it the same way. I received your flyer and decided it was time for a new me. I made the appointment and havent looked back, I had to hold back the tears. Rosie thank you so much for making me feel great again and looking different, even my hubby made a compliment."


"I dont often treat myself to a facial, as things are quiet tight with money. Thanks Rosie for passing on the savings to us with your great offers you pop into our letterboxes. They are a great pick-me-up & my skin feels amazing."


"My eyebrow consultation with Rosie was the best thing I have done for myself since having my second child. Thanks Rosie for making feel beautiful again. When I get sometime around my busy schedule I will be definetly booking in for a Napoleon Perdis Makeover, I cant wait. See you soon."

Gemma Westleigh

"It was my first visit into your beautiful salon, I didnt know you were upstairs. I was recommended to come and see Rosie for an eyebrow makeover, my girlfrined had been telling me for quiet sometime. I have had so many bad experiences, Rosie & her team made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Rosie showed me confidence in what she does I let her do what she needed to do with my eyebrows. I couldnt believe what I saw when I got up to the mirror............. WOW! My eyes appeared more defined and perfect. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence again."

Susan Epping

"They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. If that is the case then your eyebrows are the window frames. If framed right they can completely transform a womans eye's and expose her soul to the world. Blessed with my european fathers genes I felt my eyebrows were a curse. Teased as a young girl at school I was completely self conscious and embarressed. For years I struggled to find someone with the skill to truly shape my eyebrows and reveal my eyes. Rosie has changed all that, she is not a plastic surgeon, doesn't save lives or finds cures for diseases but she helps women like me everyday. A working mum, a devoted wife who for a small price with Rosie's help, looks and feels like a million dollars - I am now 36 years of age and feel absolutely beautiful - a glowing confidence you can see through my eyes. Thanks Rosie."


"Having endured a number of bad eyebrow waxes that left my eyebrows thin and uneven, I went on a mission to find a so called eyebrow expert - if they existed. I had to believe - my eyebrows were terrible!! With the wonder of the internet I found Rosie's website. But the salon was in Beecroft - and I lived in Camden. So desperate to have nice eyebrows I made the hour trip to Rosie's. I am so glad I did. An eyebrow expert did exist and her name was Rosie! I am forever grateful to have found someone who can shape eyebrows and make them look picture perfect. I will continue to make the long trip as I have finally found the person who can legitimatley call themselves an 'Eyebrow Expert'. Thank you."


"I never knew somebody could be deemed 'The Queen of Eyebrows', but it seems that Rosie (the person, not the salon) is just that. I first came to her with an over zealous hand (at plucking, that is) and brows so curly it seemed I had taken a curling wand directly to them (it's impossible to do, for those playing at home). But with knowledge of industry rules and basic tools, Rosie began to save me one brow at a time. She understands the simple principles of eyebrow waxing and knows the perfect shape for your face. You can believe that you are in very capable hands and won't ever leave feeling or looking like a baboon's backside (read: over plucked). And best of all, Rosie will arm you with a few tricks of the trade, such as the importance of a good eyebrow brush and pencil, so you can competently continue the good efforts within your very own home. There are many other services that Rosie's Beauty provides, such as body waxing, professional makeup, massages, manicures and pedicures, tanning and facials, but I only ever come here to get my eyebrows done. Please note that the salon is small. Rosie works 5 out of the 6 days with two other assistants. If you want to be handled by 'The Queen of the Eyebrows', make sure you ask for Rosie. Bookings are essential. I travel over 30 minutes to visit Rosie's Beauty in Beecroft, so take it from me that if you put your eyebrow trust into Rosie, you won't be disappointed."